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Authentic Recreation of TV Jeopardy for Team Play!

Team Jeopardy is an authentic recreation of the time-tested television game show complete with the big board, theme song, sound effects, hidden daily double, final jeopardy round, all in a fully customizable format! Trivia questions can be customized around a mix of pop-culture categories/questions and an option to include some of the client's product knowledge questions/answers mixed in. This event requires teams to play (rotating question-by-question to the podium to answer on behalf of their team) and each team will represent one section of the larger audience so everybody has a team to root for! As members of each team rotate up to the podium at the beginning of each question to represent their team they attempt to win control of the board by out-answering the other team's players. The team that controls the board gets to select the next question. Team entertainment and fun for all!

"Jeopardy was the perfect way for us to have some fun while strengthening our product knowledge. Higher Ground's ability to embed some of our corporate knowledge into the game was impressive. The event itself is both educational and entertaining!"

Locations: ANYWHERE in CANADA & USA, Select Europe, Asia, Australia Locations 

Seasons: Year Round! Event delivered Indoors!

Duration: 2 to 2.5 Hours (Shorter/Longer Duration On Request) 

Group Size: 30 – 1,500 Participants


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