Laugh, Learn & Lift Team-Building

Since 1995, many of the world’s leading brands and most successful companies have embraced Team Higher Ground’s innovative corporate Team Building programs. Our fun yet effective 'Laugh, Learn & Lift' Team Building activities help lead organizations to greatness by Engaging, Energizing, and Uniting their People, Teams and Culture!

Winner of the National Best Corporate Team-Building "Star Award," Team Higher Ground aims for excellence with every Team Building Event we deliver. Each Team Building Activity we offer is "client tested" to be truly world class. We believe, and our many valued clients affirm, we're the best in the business at what we love to do! Please have a look around, then contact us for an extraordinary Team Building Activity!


Team Higher Ground's unique Team Building activities always lead with Laughter. We know 'Laughter is the Shortest Distance Between People!' Some clients want their Team Building event to be mostly about Laughter, about bringing people closer through fun bonding! Some trust Team Higher Ground to employ Laughter to help their people achieve lasting Learning. Either way, Laughter is an integral part of every Program we deliver!


Even when you want your Team Building event to be focused mostly on Laughter, Team Higher Ground ensures lasting learning still takes place. For clients looking to drive powerful and enduring Learning from their Team Building experience, rest assured our 20 years of design experience and our world-class Facilitators combine to make it happen! You tell us how much Laughter and how much Learning and we do the rest!


Team Higher Ground's 'Laugh and Learn' Corporate Team Building events are designed from the outset to make a lasting positive impact on your people and teams. In fact, all our work begins with your critical desired outcomes, then we 'design backwards' to ensure we have the right program and people in place to exceed your expectations. We work tirelessly to create Laughter and Learning that gives your people and teams a powerful Lift that lasts!


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Team Higher Ground – About Us

Team Higher Ground is an International Team Building Company supporting its global clients from its bases in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal, in Canada, and Seattle and San Francisco in America. We deliver exceptional Team Building Activities to clients in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

Team Higher Ground was founded in 1995 to help more people realize their true potential and experience greater fulfillment through their work lives! The result of our work is leaders and team members going to work each day more engaged and organizations more likely to thrive in today's increasingly complex and rapidly-changing climate.

Team Higher Ground has an outstanding track record of working with leaders and teams in many of the world’s most successful organizations. Breakthrough performance and outstanding results are what our clients seek us out for. We achieve results through inspirational 'Laugh, Learn, and Lift' Team Building activities, targeted Adventure-Based Learning programs, and dynamic Business Transformation processes.

Team Higher Ground works to develop leaders and teams and to remove the barriers that cause the ‘normal’ dysfunction so prevalent in corporate life today. Our team building programs and processes integrate with yours ensuring an inescapable collective focus on overcoming business challenges and achieving the desired results!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where Are Your Team Building Activities Available?

Team Higher Ground delivers our world-class team building activities right across the country and throughout the world. Because our team building activities, people, and equipment are portable, you benefit from this flexibility, as we can work with you in virtually any location on the planet. Whether onsite at your corporate offices, an outdoor setting or park, downtown business district, or the resort or hotel you've chosen to meet at, Team Higher Ground comes to you!

One of Team Higher Ground’s greatest capacities is that we come to you – anywhere you are! Many of our programs can be done at your office, depending on how much space is available. Other times another nearby venue, or the hotel or resort you’re already meeting works great. We’ve delivered extraordinary team building activities at hotels, restaurants, convention centres, and water parks, exclusive resorts, beaches, parks, atop glaciers, and virtually any setting you can think of. Bottom line on where Team Higher Ground delivers our extraordinary team building activities is – wherever you are!

How Long Do Your Team Building Activities Last?

The length of most tam building activities is about 2.5 to 3 hours on average. Many clients are looking for shorter duration, say 60 to 90 minutes (often either as an opening ice-breaker or evening entertainment pre or post-dinner). Many are looking for a full day of team building activities that we happily can accommodate by blending together two or more programs into an astounding full day.

How Much Lead Time Do You Need?

More is always better to allow us time to confirm your event, staff appropriately, provision materials, and help you with all the logistical planning that makes your life easier. Some clients call a year or more in advance, some are “last-minute” and call days before their event (in a panic), and in both cases we dedicate ourselves to creating an extraordinary outcome. Most clients contact us about two to four months in advance. The short answer is, the more time you provided us the better!

What Group Sizes Do You Work With?

In short, any! Our events are designed to be scalable for all group sizes and once we’ve had our first contact, we’ll provide you extraordinary options that scale perfectly to your group size. Under each program description we state a minimum and maximum number of participants as a guideline but welcome your inquiry for virtually any group size, small or large, so we can guide you towards the best team building activities for your group taking into consideration all factors, including size. Tens, hundreds, or thousands (literally) of participants – we’ve handled them all and delivered extraordinary events! Put another way, 30 to 3,000!

Are Your Team Building Activities Indoors or Outdoors?

We offer team building activities designed to be delivered indoors, outdoors, or a combination of the two (e.g. Amazing Chase). During our initial communications, we’ll ask about your preference and provide you with guidance (based on season, location, timing, etc.) on your options and then send you some amazing options that clearly identify whether they’re indoors, outdoors, either, or both so you have ultimate flexibility!

What's The Difference Between Team Building and Adventure Learning?

On a scale of 1-10 (1 = pure laughter and 10 = pure learning) the Team Building activities (e.g. Innit 2 Winnit, Laugh Olympics, Leaky Contiki, & Biker Build-Off) are about a “3” or "4" - super-engaging and energizing, more laughter than learning yet leave the participants feeling rewarded, celebrated and also deliver some lasting insights into team work that naturally spill out of the experience (with or without debriefing).

On a scale of 1-10 (1 = pure laughter and 10 = pure learning) the Adventure Learning options (e.g. What's Possible) are about a "7" or “8” - still allot of laughter but always in service of revealing how your client's people think and react when facing challenges and each activity is immediately processed to gain the most traction and 'transference' back to their culture and performance!

What About If We Think Some Of Our People Will Not Participate?

We’ve got you covered! Through a combination of our friendly and welcoming staff (you’ll know them from their red shirts and big smiles) and skilful design of each programs opening, we’ll immediately put all your people at ease! We love hearing that some (or all) of your people might be resistant because we know from our over twenty-years experience delivering team building activities, that this kind of raw, even anxious, energy can be transformed powerfully into real enthusiasm and engagement. Over the years we become expert at reading each group and ensuring we “meet them where they are” at the outset to ensure we’re achieving 100% engagement, laughter, and learning!

Who Are Team Higher Ground's Facilitators?

Our people really make the difference! Team Higher Ground offers some of the world’s most skilled and highly sought-after Facilitators and Support Staff in the industry!  We know that the interaction of our people with yours is always a critical enabler of your satisfaction and so we ensure our people meet your high expectations for skill and professionalism!

All of our Group Leaders meet the highest standards for facilitation skills, deep (at least 20 years) real-world business experience, and passion for the work we love doing! All of our support staff are especially skilled at anticipating the participant’s every need during the event and for making all your people feel welcome, supported, and special!

Team Higher Ground’s Dedicated People Really Make the Difference!

Can We Incorporate Messaging Into Our Event?

Of course! Team Higher Ground is expert at creatively blending into our team building activities your tagline, new product launch theme, key meeting themes or other branding elements into pretty much any team building activity you choose. Some clients even ask us to customize entire games or activities to support specific messaging and we’re always happy to custom-create an entire event just for you!

Is There A Winning Team And Are There Prizes?

Most of our programs include a competitive element that we can quantify and award prizes for. By design, it’s not apparent which team is winning throughout the event so this keeps everybody’s competitive juices flowing. The teams have a wide variety of opportunities to earn prizes – some objective and some more subjective – and may events have multiple prizes for demonstrating different aspects of teamwork. We include prizes that are in keeping with the spirit of each team building activity!

Who Chooses The Charity For Give-Back Team Building Events?

We always have a partner charity that we work with and can offer to make the beneficiary charity of your give-back style team building activity. We’re also happy to work with the charitable organization of your choice. In most cases, all you need to do is provides us with a contact at your charity and we’ll do the rest!