Our People Make The Difference

Founded in 1995 by a deeply committed Cast of Characters with broad-based business and organizational development experience, our people are dedicated to greatness each and every event! Team Higher Ground offers some of the world’s most sought-after Group Leaders and Facilitators. We understand the interaction of our people with yours is a critical enabler of your satisfaction and therefore ensure all our people meet your high expectations of skill and professionalism! Here's a few words on some of the dedicated Team Building Professionals you'll work with at Team Higher Ground!

Brad Nykyforiak, Lead Facilitator

Since founding Higher Ground in 1995, Brad has been a driving force in developing our corporate range of products and services. His curiosity, empathy, and abiding intention to help our clients thrive is at the core of Higher Grounds values driven approach! He's passionate about leaders, teams, and giving back.

Mitch Fairrais, Lead Facilitator

For twenty-five years Mitch has pioneered the use of experiential learning in major corporations including British Telecom, Kellogg’s, and Microsoft. His preparation and masterful facilitation has allowed him to deliver outstanding outcomes while also creating learning environments that are enjoyable and engaging.

Stephen Abbott, Lead Facilitator

With over 20 years of business experience within world-class global organizations, Stephen has gathered a unique understanding of how companies work, and how teamwork infiltrates every aspect. Stephen is passionate about closing the gap between client's current and potential performance.

Maria Sariego, Lead Facilitator

For the past eighteen years Maria has excelled as a corporate facilitator and business coach devoting herself to helping people and organizations live and work well. Maria’s corporate career encompassed training, corporate communications, and change management at several high-tech firms including AT&T and Avaya.

Diane MacDonald, Lead Facilitator

Diane's strengths are in strategic planning, stakeholder consultation, organization design, and leadership development. She is particularly known for her expertise in designing and facilitating meaningful large group events. Her style is enthusiastic, and results driven. She believes in combining theory and action.

Grant Penner, Lead Facilitator

Grant offers over twenty years of training, facilitation, consulting and operational experience. A balanced perspective, good sense of humour and the ability to zero in on your business needs form the essence of his facilitation style. His approach balances results-oriented objectives with a belief that work must also be fun.


“These few hours spent together have proven, in my opinion, to be the most revealing, productive, and enlightening time we’ve spent with our group of Sales Managers. I am still amazed at how much we laughed and learned!” — DL, Sanofi

Stephen Largy, Team Facilitator

With over 25 years of business operations experience within world-class organizations, Stephen brings his organizational effectiveness approach to everything he does. His passion for attending to the 'devil in the details' helps ensure every program's success. His customer service is unparalleled.

Gale Yamashita, Team Facilitator

Gale has held corporate training and development roles in the airline, telecommunications, and hi-tech industries for nearly 25 years. Her sense of humour and dedication to getting the job done 'no matter the obstacle' make her an invaluable member of the Team Higher Ground cast of characters.

Ines Eisses, Team Facilitator

With a strong background in the world's of finance and media, Ines brings a breadth of experience to our team that allows her to relate easily to our client's challenges. Her effervescence, joy for living, and courage make her an invaluable member of the Higher Ground team. She makes our client's experiences better.

Debbie Douez, Team Facilitator

Deb brings a strong background in Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) with world-class organizations like Intrawest. Deb's analytical abilities are only matched by her creativity. A true left-brain right-brain integrated being, Debbie has an ability to see any problem through multiple lenses. She brightens our days.


Team Higher Ground – About Us

Team Higher Ground is an International Team Building Company supporting its global clients from its bases in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal, in Canada, and Seattle and San Francisco in America. We deliver exceptional Team Building Activities to clients in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

Team Higher Ground was founded in 1995 to help more people realize their true potential and experience greater fulfillment through their work lives! The result of our work is leaders and team members going to work each day more engaged and organizations more likely to thrive in today's increasingly complex and rapidly-changing climate.

Team Higher Ground has an outstanding track record of working with leaders and teams in many of the world’s most successful organizations. Breakthrough performance and outstanding results are what our clients seek us out for. We achieve results through inspirational 'Laugh, Learn, and Lift' Team Building activities, targeted Adventure-Based Learning programs, and dynamic Business Transformation processes.

Team Higher Ground works to develop leaders and teams and to remove the barriers that cause the ‘normal’ dysfunction so prevalent in corporate life today. Our team building programs and processes integrate with yours ensuring an inescapable collective focus on overcoming business challenges and achieving the desired results!