Tu Casa Mi Casa - Adventure Learning

Improve Communications and Real-World Results!

The art of influencing others requires you to step into another person's Frame of Reference. It sounds easy enough...

Tu Casa, Mi Casa explores communication challenges and solutions. The program equips participants with the communication skills and tools they need to be more effective in creating better outcomes and better relationships with customers, employees and peers.

Tu Casa, Mi Casa allows participants to gain the skills necessary to get on the same page with others, more quickly and with less friction, even with those whose viewpoints differ significantly from their own. Participants learn how to influence others while leaving others feeling understood and valued.

Use Tu Casa Mi Casa in situations where a person's productivity relies on their ability to influence or ‘get on the same page’ with others. In Tu Casa Mi Casa participants will learn how to:

  • Communicate effectively
  • Influence others
  • Use common language
  • Check for understanding
  • Get into another's frame of reference
  • Manage others' emotions more effectively
  • Probe for clarity
  • Communicate the big picture
  • Use language that others understand

"We found ‘Tu Casa, Mi Casa’ to be of such immediate and significant value that we made the program available to our group around the world. I have personally found this course to be valuable to me, in my life, inside and outside the office!"

Locations: ANYWHERE in CANADA & USA, Select Europe, Asia, Australia Locations 

Seasons: Year Round! Delivered Indoors!

Duration: 3 Hours (Shorter/Longer Duration On Request) 

Group Size: 30 - 300 Participants


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