Tailgate Party - Team Building Activities - Team Building

A High Octane Sports-Based Party-Like Atmosphere with Games and Food!

Team Higher Ground's innovative and flexible version of the universally popular Tailgate Party provides any or all of the elements you might want to create an unforgettable sporting themed team building experience. Our core Tailgate Party offers a variety of entertaining sporty games activities and food creation can be added. This extraordinary event can be customized around one or many specific sports, or even one or many teams within a sport of your choice. Once the broad themes (number of sports and/or sports teams) has been chosen, we then provide games within the theme that form the heart of the Tailgate Team-Building experience (the competition, challenge and energy) and there's an option to also create your own Tailgate themed food experience (Teams earn raw ingredients then create their tasty Tailgate fare. Team Higher Ground's Tailgate Team-Building Party is a Colorful Blast!

"The Tailgate Team-Building hit all the right notes including super-fun sporty games, ballpark style food and drink all culminating in all our people feeling like champions! Great fun and entertainment everybody loved!"

Locations: ANYWHERE in CANADA & USA, Select Europe, Asia, Australia Locations 

Seasons: Year Round! Event delivered Indoors or Outdoors!

Duration: 2.5 to 3 Hours (Shorter/Longer Duration On Request) 

Group Size: 30 – 1,500 Participants


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