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The One Sustainable Competitive Advantage Most Organizations Never Achieve !

Building Courageous Teams more than anything else come down to having the backbone and commitment to bring out the best in your people. A Courageous Team is a small group of people with shared goals who readily set aside their individual needs for the good of the whole. The truest measure of a team is that it accomplishes the goals it sets out to achieve in a way that is consistent with their highest values.

Teamwork is almost always lacking or absent in organizations that fail and typically present in organizations that succeed over the long haul. In our, and likely your experience, true teams are regretfully rare in the workplace. Why? Because teamwork - Courageous Teamwork - is extremely hard to achieve. It requires discipline, commitment, and heart from both the team and leader. It is estimated that a minimum of 25% of time is wasted due to a dangerous combination of politics and confusion that plague most organizations. Courageous Teams cut through these challenges and get much more done in less time and cost.

Courageous Teams: Trust Each Other, Tell the Truth, Commit to Shared Goals, Hold Each Other Accountable, and Exceed Shared Goals! Learn How To:

  • Build a Team 'Trust Account' that Sustains you Through the Tough Times
  • 'Name the Elephants' and Put the 'Taboos on the Table'
  • Engage in Passionate Debate Around Ideas
  • Create and Sustain the Right Level of 'Heat and Pressure' that Brings Out Your Best
  • Engender Peer-to-Peer Accountability
  • Create and Commit to Absolute Clarity
  • Avoid Assumptions and Achieve Shared Understanding
  • Exceed Desired Results

"The mix of activities based on our most critical and current business challenges made the entire program revolve around lessons we could immediately apply!"

Locations: ANYWHERE in CANADA & USA, Select Europe, Asia, Australia Locations 

Seasons: Year Round! Event delivered Outdoors or Indoors!

Duration: 3 Hours (Shorter/Longer Duration On Request) 

Group Size: 30 - 300 Participants


Parchitects - Team Building Activities - Team Building      

Rock Band - Team Building Activities - Team Building      

Movie Studio - Team Building Activities - Team Building      

Art Works - Team Building Activities - Team Building      

Chocolate Factory - Team Building Activities - Team Building      

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