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An Extraordinary Outdoor Winter Adventure You'll Always Remember!

Bobsled Build-Off is one of our newest team building events, delivered whevever and wherever there's snow and a slope! This super-exciting recreation of the Winter Olympic Bobsleigh event puts you in the seat of a life-sized Bobsled! First, your team will earn their Bobsled Starter Kit by completing some fun challenges that reward top performing teams with more choices at the Sled Shop. Then, teams work to create their one-of-a-kind snow rocket, develop a theme, and present their novel apline racer through hilarious group 'pitches.' After group presentations it's time for the big race and to find out which teams will go for gold and which will get left behind. Event closes with awards and an all-group final bonding activity. Bobsle Build-Off is a super-fun super-natural outdoor winter-time team building activity you'll never forget!

“It was a pleasure working with Team Higher Ground. The Bobsled Building in Whistler, Canada was the highlight of our three-day global summit! Great job and see you again soon Higher Ground!"

Locations: ANYWHERE in CANADA & USA, Select Europe Locations 

Seasons: WINTER! Event delivered Entirely Outdoors or Partial Indoors/Outdoors!

Duration: 2.5 to 3 Hours (Shorter/Longer Duration On Request) 

Group Size: 30 – 1,000 Participants


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