Team Higher Ground Gives Back...

From our inception in 1995, Higher Ground has given back! Higher Ground gives back through financial contributions to worthy charities and by creating positive flow-through from our 'Give-Back' Team Building Events like Biker Build-Off, Care Bears, and Parchitects. Starting in 2011 we launched a major new effort to micro-finance the working-poor, budding entrepreneurs in developing nations!

Higher Ground contributes partial funds from every client engagement to provide a 'hand up' to entrepreneurial individuals and groups in developing nations across the developing world! Global micro-financing has become an important extension of Team Higher Ground's mission to make this world a better place... one team at a time! Here's a few profiles and success stories...

Sonia, age 36, lives with her husband and four children in Lima, Peru. They work together every day to get ahead. This hard-working mother makes clothing, for men and women, in a workshop in her home. She works with her husband to produce clothes they sell wholesale to department stores in Lima. Even though she has to work all day, every day to have success, she is very peaceful as she is able to safeguard the education of her children!

Margaret is 35 years old, married and a mother of four children, living in Eldoret, Kenya. She has a shop where she sells goods such as soap, tea leaves, rice and salt. She plans to use the entire loan to add stock to her shop so that she can provide everything her customers ask for. In the future she hopes to educate her children to the highest level and also own a bigger shop so she can better provide for her children's health and schooling!

Fiordaliza lives in a simple structure with her long-term partner and their three children in Santiago, Dominican Republic. Her dream is to have her own house. Her sustaining dream is to start her own business selling shoes and then plans to improve the lives of her family. She will use her loan to buy more shoes to sell. She recently emigrated to the Dominican Republic in hopes of escaping from the poverty and sickness in Haiti!

Waraba is a 29-year old woman who lives with her seven children and her husband in Ouelessebougou, Mali. Waraba did not have the opportunity to go to school, so at a young age she became interested in revenue-generating activities, notably the buying and selling of clothing and condiments. Waraba will employ the loan to further diversify her business and hopes to become a children's clothing wholesaler in Ouelessebougou!

Nieves is 63 years old and lives in the town of Palcamayo, Peru. She is a cheerful and hardworking woman who lives in her own house with her youngest daughter, Liz, who is 26 and the reason for all her hard work. When she was very young she learned to work in the fields with her parents and now she has her own land which she plants and takes care of with much love and patience then sells her crops at the local market!

Señora Fernanda is a 45 year old mother of two children aged ten and three living in Portoviejo, Ecuador. To earn income she sells women's beauty products (cosmetics, perfume, and accessories). Fernanda lets her customers have the products on credit and then collects money from them each week. Fernanda’s dream is to have her own store one day and to do well for the sake of the wellbeing of her children!

Pahe is 45 years old, married, and a mother of four children living in Mariakani, Kenya. She sells dried fish in the local market and her business has been in operation for the last thirteen years. With this loan, she plans to expand her business by purchasing more fish for reselling. The anticipated profits will be used to repay the loan and to expand her business further. Her dream is to become a successful business lady!



Team Higher Ground – Our History

In 1995 when we founded Team Higher Ground, our vision was to apply the techniques of experiential learning to traditional, and often uninspiring, corporate training. Higher Ground Business Transformation was launched to deliver bottom-line impact through inventive training.

Within a year of launching our mission to, ‘Change the World... One Team at a Time,’ our clients began asking for even more of our interactive techniques. Clients were looking for programs that were a blast, brought people together, and revealed key insights to fuel their future success. Higher Ground Adventure Learning was born.

Next, our clients began requesting, and referring us to Meeting Planning companies, that expressed a desire for programs that leveraged the inventiveness of our Learning Adventures but with greater focus on laughing than on learning. Presto, Higher Ground Team Building was launched.

In 2005, ten years into our bold adventure, with 80% of our programs requiring travel throughout North America, South America, Europe, Asia and Australia we refined and reinvented much of our offering and high-impact team building activities to be deliverable anywhere in the world with consistently amazing results. Team Higher Ground Delivers Anywhere You Are!