Team Higher Ground Corporate Team Building

Higher Ground is an International Team Building Company supporting its global clients from its bases in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, and Montreal, in Canada, and Seattle and San Francisco in America. We support clients in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa.

Higher Ground was founded in 1995 to help more people realize their true potential and experience greater fulfillment through their work lives! The result of our work is leaders and team members going to work each day more engaged and capable and organizations more likely to thrive in today's increasingly complex and rapidly-changing climate.

Higher Ground has an outstanding track record of working with leaders and teams in many of the world’s most successful organizations. Breakthrough performance and outstanding results are what our clients seek us out for. We achieve results through inspirational 'Laugh, Learn, and Lift' Team Building events, targeted Adventure-Based Learning programs, and Business Transformation processes.

Higher Ground works to develop leaders and teams and to remove the barriers which cause the ‘normal’ dysfunction so prevalent in corporate life today. Our programs and processes integrate with yours ensuring an inescapable collective focus on overcoming business challenges and achieving the desired results!


Team Higher Ground – Our Commitment

Higher Ground has been dedicated to creating extraordinary team experiences since 1995. Winners of the Best Corporate Team Building Event (National), we've always aimed for greatness in all our work.

Over more than twenty years we've refined our programs so each and every design detail; opening/closing activities, team size and structure, high-quality equipment, decor, professional and dedicated group leaders and support staff, etc. has been thoughtfully chosen to ensure an amazing participant experience.

In short, we're the best at what we do and love proving it every time out (the impact is readily evident on the faces of the participants)!

If you decide to move forward with Team Higher Ground we can consult on venue options and can provide detailed room set-up diagrams for you and the venue, a list of all required equipment (e.g. A/V, Staging, etc.), provide options for team assignments, and consult on a variety of other logistical items.

We love 'sweating the details' so you don't have to! We're happy to communicate directly with your Venue Contact (always keeping you in the loop) if this makes your job easier! Our first/highest commitment is to create extraordinary participants experiences, our second commitment is to make your life as organizer as easy as possible and to make you look and feel great in the end!